Milord system fences

The MILORD company is a producer of panels and fencing systems, that is present on the Polish market for several years. We are constantly developing our skills ahead of the changing needs of customers and the industry. Our offer is dedicated to the B2B sector and individual customers, and the portfolio of services includes the production and comprehensive assembly of gates, wickets and front fences, which we make to order in accordance with specific customer preferences. As a manufacturer of Milrod fence systems, we cooperate with both Polish and foreign companies, transporting in Europe with the help of trusted and reliable transport carriers.

Milord's warehouse stocks invariably covers nearly 8,000. 3D panels and the necessary accessories, thanks to which we can comprehensively service large industrial and sports facilities, development companies or logistics centers.


Our products are made of the highest quality steel that meets the PN-EN and ISO 1461 standards. They are characterized by high durability, resulting in very good corrosion protection and simple and quick assembly. Fence systems covered with anticorrosive coating guarantee long-term use without maintenance. This type of fencing is particularly suitable for warehouse, office and public facilities as well as parks, playgrounds, private properties and sports fields.

Several years of experience and extensive knowledge allows us to perfectly understand the client's needs, which is why our offer is comprehensive and covers all stages of the order. We guarantee professional advice, assistance in designing, delivery of a chosen fencing system, production of gates and wickets to size and professional installation. We offer a service and a two-year warranty on our products, because we are fully aware that fencing systems are a universal way of fencing - from private premises to industrial areas on a recreational facility.


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We carry out projects for our clients comprehensively. The effects of our work includes both private properties, industrial facilities, logistics centers and housing estates. We encourage you to see our realizations. read more